I’m Bob Nelson, news addict and amateur author.

I was born in South Dakota; my father was in the Army, so we moved fairly frequently, including Japan and Turkey. Perhaps I never really put down roots, because when I finished my military service (Vietnam vet… don’t get me started!), I went to Europe to do some stuff before settling down… and never came back.

After learning pretty good German (alles ist leider jezt vorbei) and doing some touring, I went to France to get paid for playing basketball. I liked the place, but sadly, the people who were paying me decided that I wasn’t really all that good. I had to get a real job.

And I met a girl. We’re still married. Retired, even. We split our time between France (Calais, on the English Channel coast) and Yuma, Arizona (no snow since the last Ice Age).

My professional life was in industry, but pretty nicely varied, from production through purchasing to quality management. I never got bored, at least. For the last ten years, I was my own company, consulting for SMBs.

Politically, I’m kinda sorta leftish. Well… full-bore socialist, actually…

I’ve been a reader since forever. At a couple books per week since age twelve, and now getting very close to seventy… you do the math. It’s downright scary! A couple years ago, I decided to try my hand. The result was The Mansit Blade. I thought it was fairly decent, so I charged onwards, and wrote Watho.

Then I realized that writing is one thing… getting my books read is another matter entirely! I’d like to reach more than friends and family, so… this site!

I’m putting up links to my books, and those of any other authors who participate in free distribution schemes such as Instafreebie.

As long as I was launching this site, I figured I might also make a try at “conversation”… so very hard to find online.  I’ll post articles that strike my fancy, and I hope people will react.

Just two rules: be thoughtful and be polite. “Be thoughtful” means stay on topic and contribute substantively. “Be polite” means… be polite… Between the two, one-line zingers and bumper-sticker slogans are out of bounds.